I was born in Boulder, CO and am so proud to come from such a creative and home-grown community. I’m now living in the vibrant, and often nocturnal environment that is Los Angeles. My music portrays the nostalgic essence of my childhood, stories of my life, and passionate metaphors that exhibit my current reality. 

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I LOVE to tell stories (probably too much). Although there’s a piece of me in every song I write, my lyrics are often inspired by more than just my own personal experiences. I’ve always been enamored by human emotion and try to capture that relatability in everything I write, whether it’s based on my own journey or someone else’s. 

I am inspired by so many different artists and genres and strive to take the sounds of my influences and melt them all into a sound of my own. I am so thankful for those who are on this journey with me and can't wait for you to hear more music.

“Music has always been my emotional outlet and my dream is to make music speaks to others the way it has for me.”