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In a time when country music needs a female to return to the top, Sophia Scott comes storming in with her infectious banger "Closure," showing the world that country may have found their next leading lady. Born into a musical family in Colorado, Sophia listened to classic rock and R&B where she developed an admiration for the likes of James Taylor, Tom Petty, and Fleetwood Mac just as much as Mariah Carey, TLC, and Toni Braxton. When she picked up a guitar and started singing, it was quickly evident that she was a natural born country singer - to even her own surprise. Sophia's sound is a mixture of all her musical influences bringing the power of a rocker, the silky vocal runs of an R&B artist, and her innate twang together in all her music.

She has been making waves in the country community by posting acoustic covers on her YouTube channel of popular Top 40 hits, chart-topping country jams, and her favorite classics from her childhood. In particular, her Country/R&B twist of Rihanna's "Love On The Brain" has over 1 million views and her soulful take of Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" has been called "intoxicating" and "stunning" by Country Rebel and picked up by publications like Whiskey Riff and Cute n Country (to name a few).

Her first original release, the moody, R&B tinged single "China," was released in 2016 and currently has 200K streams on Spotify. Her focus is now on her newest single "Closure" that she released in October 2017 along with her first original music video. Sophia describes "Closure" as the first song that solidifies where she is headed as an artist and songwriter. The single was produced by John Gomez and Stephen Gomez who's credits include: The Summer Set, Life of Dillon, LunchMoney Lewis, Rob Thomas, and others. Sophia is currently hard at work in the studio creating songs with relatable storylines, punchy hooks, and strong, effortless vocals. She is excited to release more new music very soon. 


5.6k Monthly Listeners

"Closure" #1 in popularity with 10k listens in 7 days

"China" highest streaming song with 192k Streams


Female: 77%

Males: 23%


18-22: 25%

23-27: 25%

28-34: 20%


Subscribers: 33.8k

YouTube Views: 3.8 Million


Female: 60%

Male: 40%


18-24: 28%

25-34: 40%

35-44: 15%



Top Cities:

Los Angeles, NYC, Denver, Oslo, Brooklyn, Chicago, Houston, London, Copenhagen, Portland

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