Sophia Scott is an American, Country/Pop/R&B artist based in Los Angeles, California. Music has always been her emotional outlet, and her dream is to make music that speaks to others the way it has to her.


In a time when country music needs a female to return to the top, Sophia Scott comes storming in with her infectious banger "Closure," showing the world that country may have found their next leading lady. Born into a musical family in Colorado, Sophia listened to classic rock and R&B where she developed an admiration for the likes of James Taylor, Tom Petty, and Fleetwood Mac just as much as Mariah Carey, TLC, and Toni Braxton. When she picked up a guitar and started singing, it was quickly evident that she was a natural born country singer - to even her own surprise. Sophia's sound is a mixture of all her musical influences bringing the power of a rocker, the silky vocal runs of an R&B artist, and her innate twang together in all her music.

She has been making waves in the country community by posting acoustic covers on her YouTube channel of popular Top 40 hits, chart-topping country jams, and her favorite classics from her childhood. In particular, her Country/R&B twist of Rihanna's "Love On The Brain" has over 1 million views and her soulful take of Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" has been called "intoxicating" and "stunning" by Country Rebel and picked up by publications like Whiskey Riff and Cute n Country (to name a few).

Her first original release, the moody, R&B tinged single "China," was released in 2016 and currently has 200K streams on Spotify. Her focus is now on her newest single "Closure" that she released in October 2017 along with her first original music video. Sophia describes "Closure" as the first song that solidifies where she is headed as an artist and songwriter. The single was produced by John Gomez and Stephen Gomez who's credits include: The Summer Set, Life of Dillon, LunchMoney Lewis, Rob Thomas, and others. Sophia is currently hard at work in the studio creating songs with relatable storylines, punchy hooks, and strong, effortless vocals. She is excited to release more new music very soon.



Q & A

Why did you start getting into music?

"I don't know exactly when it started, I guess I was kind of born into it.  The first time I really remember music having an impact was when my Dad sang me to sleep with "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor. My entire family loves music and a lot of them are musicians themselves. My late cousin, Nick Reynolds, was in The Kingston Trio, and my cousin, Joey Harris, was in The Beat Farmers.  


Why do you continue to love music?

"It's crazy to look back on my life at 26 years old and really put thought into the way that music has progressively changed, along with the ways I have changed throughout the years. Each type of music I've listened to has shaped a certain part of who I am. I continue to listen to music because it makes me feel in a deeper way and helps me connect at a higher level. Obscure lyrics are my absolute favorite pieces of writing to pick apart. It's always so fascinating to me when a song says one thing but has the potential to mean 100 different things. I love trying to figure out what the artist was thinking or trying to say when they wrote something and knowing I'll most likely never find the answer."


What are some pivotal moments in your life that made you lean on music?

"Pretty much any time there is a drastic change in my life, good or bad, music has either heightened the positive experience or helped me get through the pain and hardship."


When/where was your first time performing?

"My 4th grade choir concert. I had a solo. I was so nervous and used to get horrible stage fright. I still haven't completely overcome my nerves."


When you were younger, who was your greatest influence? Are they still your greatest influence today?

"There are so many that it's really hard to say. But, in all honesty, if I had to pick one I would say Mariah Carey...and yes, I still bow down to her. Alanis, Stevie, and Sheryl are high competitors on the list, though."


What is your favorite music genre? What is your favorite band?

"Again, this question is so hard because there are too many. I would say I listen to a lot of classic rock, but I love my hip-hop/smooth R&B jams."


Why did you pick your own genre?

"I think it kind of chose me. It's not really even a genre, but it basically just came on its own through my musical influences and writing style. I didn't even start listening to country music until sophomore year of college, but somehow that's the main sound that shines through. I have sort of a 'twang' to my voice but love to do those R&B runs."


What differentiates you from other artists?

"Hmm...I have a strong R&B/Soul influence, so I think my voice adds something unique to the country space that not a lot of people have heard before."


What do you want people to get our of your music?

"I want people to feel that connection I mentioned earlier. There is something special about certain music, or even certain songs rather that can really take you somewhere else, and that's my hope with my music. If I could write even just one song that genuinely changes someone's perspective for the better or was able to bring someone to that invisible dimension that I think music has the power to do, I would be very fulfilled."


Do you write your own music?

"Yes, I love to write and it is the absolute best form of an emotional outlet in my opinion. I suggest that everyone should write down their feelings because even if what you are putting out seems stupid or sounds like complete nonsense, it's always a good way to clear your mind."


What was the first song you ever wrote?

"In elementary school, I was in a band called, "The Candy Girls". I wrote a song called, "Cool Convertible", that makes me laugh now, because it was way beyond my years. It still is one of my faves though."


What are you working on now?

"I'm in the studio with various writers and producers right now working on an EP.  It has elements of Country, Pop, and a little R&B...I'm stoked for people to hear i